Vocational and Technical Qualifications – Results and Assessment Method

During these extraordinary times, Highfield would like to provide some reassurance for learners who have undertaken vocational and technical qualifications (VTQs), following the decision taken by the Government earlier this week to revert to centre assessment grades for GCSEs and A levels.

At Highfield, our priority is always to ensure that no learner is disadvantaged, and that all results issued this year are robust and reliable and that as many learners as possible get their results this summer. To this end, we would like to make it very clear that the statistical standardisation approach, the ‘grading algorithm’, used to calculate A levels and GCSEs was not used by Highfield to estimate any of our VTQ results.

VTQs are structured differently to A levels and GCSEs, therefore our approach to awarding results has been quite different. For the vast majority of VTQs, we have been able to use evidence of work completed during the course and adopt this as a basis for calculating results.

For most of our qualifications, learners undertook adapted assessments meaning that there was no calculation process needed at all. For those qualifications that we did use calculation, virtually all are ungraded and only carry a pass/fail result. Therefore, we have seen very little divergence between the results that centres thought learners would achieve and the results that have been issued. We have therefore not seen the same downward moderation of results following statistical standardisation as we used a system of quality assurance checks to generate the final overall qualification outcome.

The overwhelming majority of our VTQ learners have already received the results they expected.

If learners have any questions about VTQs they should be encouraged to speak with their centre in the first instance. Of course, Highfield remains on hand should your centre require any further support or information.

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