Dubai office takes to the skies for VICTA

Our team out in Dubai took to the skies this June – and then skydived back down again – to raise money for VICTA.

26The jump, which took place on 18 June 2015 in Dubai, saw international director Rebecca Sprenger, office manager Helen Greenhow and systems and audits manager Rodolfo Madrid take up the challenge and put their fears aside as they braved sweltering temperatures and last-minute nerves.

3VICTA works to provide equipment, services and events that help blind and visually impaired children and young people develop socially, emotionally and educationally, as well as offering their parents a vital network of support and information.

5Since 2013, Highfield (a provider of services such as end-point assessment) and its team have been taking part in numerous initiatives to raise money for VICTA, with some staff even contributing their time to assist in their events.

8Rebecca Sprenger said, ‘Even though we are all the way over here in Dubai, there is still a really close relationship between us, the UK office and the rest of the Highfield team – wherever we are based. And we certainly aren’t ones to duck a challenge, so when there was the opportunity for HABC MEA to stand up and be counted for VICTA, we jumped at the challenge. Or in our case, jumped out of a plane!

10One of my roles as International Director is to ensure that both the UK and Middle East offices work in harmony together to deliver the quality, value, service and integrity synonymous with the Highfield brand globally. This was a great way to bring the team together as one, achieve something that none of us will ever forget and raise money for a wonderful cause.

15And now that we’ve done it, Team Skyfall back in the UK can’t back out now!’

17Another Highfield team, Team Skyfall, will be performing their own skydive 15,000 feet above Hibaldstow Airfield in North Lincolnshire in July, also for VICTA.

VICTAFor more information or to make a donation, click here

23No pressure, Team Skyfall….

For information on another event we participated in to help VICTA, please visit here.


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  1. Wow amazing!! Such incredible photos too with those clear skies. We can’t believe you managed to smile mid-fall for a photograph. Thank you for completing such a brave act to raise funds for VICTA!

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