Updates to contact centre operations qualifications

During our most recent review of the HABC suite of contact centre operations qualifications, we have received feedback that has resulted in the following updates:

Qualification documentation

We have updated the specifications for each of these qualifications. Not only have the look and feel of these been updated, but they also include further clarification on the delivery and assessment ratios (outlining the requirements for both of these), assessment guidance, countersignature strategy (including guidance on how this should be managed), I.D. requirements (detailing what is permitted), the rules of combination (ROC) and unit details. In addition, we have also elaborated and clarified further on unit requirements, including further amplification on underpinning requirements.

We have also updated the learner packs for these qualifications. Again, we have not only updated the look and feel of the learner packs, but to support our Centres we have also clarified the rules of combination (ROC) and each learning outcome and assessment criteria for the mandatory units on the evidence tracking sheets.

If you are currently delivering these qualifications, please ensure you have familiarised yourselves with the updated qualifications specifications and learner packs.

The latest version of the Skills CFA Assessment Strategy has now been added to the HABC website along with updated factsheets.

If you have any questions, would like to discuss this further or have any feedback, please do not hesitate in contacting your HABC account manager.

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