HABC teams up with training bodies to tackle underage sales

Underage salesHABC has teamed up with three of the licensing sector’s top training organisations to help staff tackle the issue of underage sales.

abv Training, Inn-Dispensable and Innpacked will be working with HABC throughout autumn to run a series of courses across England that aim to improve falling compliance levels in the on-trade sector.

A recent survey* showed that only 64% of licensed premises were passing test purchase visits, representing a significant downturn since 2010. Likewise, the sector is currently being out performed by the off-licence sector, where pass rates for test purchase visits were 85% in 2013.

The workshops will deliver the HABC Level 2 Award in Underage Sales Prevention (QCF), which was the first qualification in the UK to be introduced specifically for the subject and is accepted by Best Bar None initiatives and police waiver schemes.

Dates and locations are:

  • 11 September – Southampton – Delivered by Innpacked;
  • 16 September – Oxford – Delivered by Inn-Dispensable;
  • 18 September – Bournemouth – Delivered by Innpacked;
  • 22 September – Stone – Delivered by abv Training;
  • 23 September – Cardiff – Delivered by abv Training;
  • 24 September – Sheffield – Delivered by abv Training;
  • 25 September – Winchester – Delivered by Innpacked;
  • 13 October – Cheltenham – Delivered by Inn-Dispensable; and
  • 14 November – Bristol – Delivered by Inn-Dispensable.

Chris Sprenger, HABC Managing Director, said, ‘Standards across the sector need to be improved and the only way this can be achieved is through effective staff training and education. In most instances, selling alcohol to a minor will result in a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN ) of £90 being levied against the the member of staff, then the possibility of a greater fine and suspension of the premises licence for a second failure for the business.

But that is minor compared to the impact it can have on your business reputation locally in the longer term. The vast majority of the on-trade sector wants to be a “good neighbour” to their local community, and these workshops are the most effective way to ensure that you and your staff can achieve that’.

Each course lasts half a day, costs just £70 per learner and includes complimentary materials such as Highfield’s Preventing Underage Sales Handbook.

For more details on each individual course, go to course finder Plus.

* The survey was carried out by Serve Legal in 2013.

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