Two new locksmithing qualifications from Highfield

To highlight the professionalism of the industry and to provide reassurance to customers, Highfield Qualifications has worked with leading locksmithing experts to develop two new, Ofqual-regulated qualifications:

Highfield Level 3 Diploma for Commercial Locksmiths and Property Security

Highfield Level 3 Diploma for Automotive Locksmiths and Vehicle Security

These qualifications mark a major change within the industry, ensuring a nationally recognised standard of training for the locksmith and building security sectors.

The objective of these qualifications is to provide learners with an understanding of the responsibilities and practices of locksmiths and security engineers. Learners will gain knowledge of preparing and maintaining equipment, customers’ keys and records; diagnosing and rectifying faults on domestic security devices and door hardware; the principles, opening methods and installation techniques of different lock types and much more.

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