Three Peaks Challenge with RedCat Partnership

We know that many of our clients like to do their bit for good causes.  This May, Richard Mills of the RedCat Partnership Ltd Health and Safety Consultants, took on the Three Peaks Challenge to raise money for Break – a charity that aims to change the lives of disadvantaged young people across East Anglia.

We asked Richard to explain in his own words how the Challenge went.

Richard Mills on Ben Nevis

‘A casual conversation with a client, Ben Burt from Open Youth Trust, included the phrase “We need a challenge this year.  What shall we do?”  Whilst Ben was holidaying in Australia, I signed us up for the Three Peaks Challenge!  This involves climbing the three highest peaks in Britain (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon) in a set time, usually 24 hours, including driving.  Well, our local charity, Break, were organising this with minibuses, accommodation and leaders, and a varied group of about 25 participants was soon brought together for the Challenge.  Many of us were novices, so 24 hours was going to be hard core.  We settled on 36 hours, which was still a stretch.

Team Roo on the summit of Ben Nevis

So, cut straight to much purchasing of gear and training.  Norfolk is flat so we improvised with whatever hills we could find.  Nervous anticipation grew as our mid-May expedition grew near.  Fort William is a long way by minibus.  At Ben Nevis, my group, ‘Team Roo’ – named after our inflatable mascot – as the fittest and most experienced team, set off last at 11 am.

Glorious sun at the bottom, snow, ice and freezing cloud at the top, so straight back down again.  Hmmm, left knee starting to complain.

Team Roo on the summit of Scafell Pike – very early in the morning!

Off to Cumbria, arriving at Scafell at 01.00 am.  Still clear evening, full moon. Perfect.  Climbing in the dark was an absolute blast, reaching the peak at 04.30 am for dawn.  Starting the descent, knee now quite painful.  Painkillers needed.  Then more.  Oh no!  Medic suggested some prescription painkillers as I’m now holding the group up.  Made it to the bottom, straight on the bus for Snowdon.

Ben Burt enjoys the scenery on top of Snowdon

Alas the defective knee plus a couple of vomiting bouts on the bus (painkiller reaction) meant my expedition was over.  Ben and Team Roo succeeded to climb Snowdon under a cloudless sky.  We raised over £20,000 between us for Break.  Well, 48-year-old knees have a few miles on them I guess.

We’re all off to the Yorkshire Three Peaks in September to abuse our knees some more.’

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