The role of the Invigilator – Highfield Webinar

The latest Highfield webinar looks at the role of the invigilator, and particularly the importance of continuing professional development (CPD).

We all understand the importance of CPD. But sometimes, it’s not always possible to find a date or location that meets your needs. That’s why we’ve introduced a series of four Admin Support webinars.

These 1-hour webinars are designed to support new and existing centre staff with the administrative tasks presented to them as one of our centres, in handy bite-sized chunks.

Topics covered in this webinar – ‘The role of the Invigilator’ – include:

  • a brief introduction to the Highfield Group
  • understanding legislation regarding exam invigilation
  • where to locate Highfield invigilation resources
  • setting up an effective exam environment
  • invigilation process prior to an exam
  • invigilation process during an exam
  • invigilation process at the end of an exam
  • potential issues or complications

Content correct on date of broadcast (11.02.20).

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