Taking the risk out of risk assessment

Highfield has launched a new suite of risk assessment training materials, which means there’s no risk of your learners not understanding all they need to know on the subject.

Designed to support the HABC Level 2 Award in Risk Assessment (QCF) and HABC Level 3 Award in Risk Assessment (QCF), the new suite includes a new handbook and presentation.

The Risk Assessment Handbook covers the background and legislation associated with risk assessments, common accidents, incidents and near misses in workplaces, and risk assessment relating to enforcement. It also covers the 5-step process of risk assessment in detail, providing examples and teaching learners how to conduct a basic risk assessment in their own workplace.

Meanwhile, the Level 2 Risk Assessment Presentation and the combined Level 2 and Level 3 Risk Assessment Presentation are ideal for anyone looking to develop and awareness of risk assessment in the workplace. Both products include delegate thumbnails, tutor notes, a session plan, key tasks and hand-outs.

The handbook is priced between £5 and £2.50, based on the quantity purchased. The Level 2 presentation is priced at £17plus VAT, whilst the combined presentation costs £250 plus VAT.

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2 thoughts on “Taking the risk out of risk assessment

  1. Thank you for your email interesting reading through your development and courses.
    I am interested in your L2 Risk Assessment for £17 and copy of your L2 resource book. £5. (plus VAT)
    I have courses coming up in Dec and Jan 2015
    thank you

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