Semta review of standards

Semta is seeking the feedback of employers and learning providers after it launched a UK-wide review of a number of standards that may have an impact on HABC qualifications.

The review, which is scheduled to be completed by November 2015 and will include employer and stakeholder consultations, will focus on a number of key areas such as relevance to career pathways and job roles, changes to processes and procedures, whether the specified outcomes can be achieved in the workplace and if there are any missing NOS that should be developed and be included in the NVQs.

The national occupational standards (NOS) being reviewed that could impact on current HABC qualifications include Business Improvement Techniques Suite 2 and Performing Manufacturing Operations Suite 2 (see business and administration qualifications and performing manufacturing operations qualifications).

Other standards included in the review include:

  • Business Improvement Techniques Suite 3
  • Business Improvement Techniques Suite 4
  • Installation and Commissioning Suite 3
  • Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering Suite 2
  • Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering Suite 3

NOS form the basis of all vocational qualifications in the UK, including NVQ, SVQs and those used in apprenticeship frameworks, and set out the skills, knowledge and understanding that employers require learners to have in order to undertake a particular task or job role.

To take part in the review, please contact the Semta Standards team at

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