Sector skills councils launch consultation on future qualifications

Following the government’s changed policy on qualifications and apprenticeships across all sectors, the two sector skills councils responsible for the health and adult care workforces – Skills for Health and Skills for Care – have been working together to consider the future approach to health and adult care qualifications.

Both sector skills councils are committed to qualifications that have, at their core, shared knowledge and skills, which support the vision of employers and provide integrated services and the portability of skills and knowledge across the health and adult care workforce.

sector skills councils

Following a review into the content of current qualifications, they are holding an open consultation that will allow healthcare professionals to have their say on the councils’ proposed content changes to level 2 and level 3 health and social care diplomas.

Further information on the imposed changes is available here.

The questionnaire will close on Wednesday 10 August 2016.

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