Scheduling your EPA

Once an apprentice has completed their gateway and is ready to progress to EPA, the next step is to schedule the assessment with Highfield.

To make this as simple as possible, we’ve created a scheduling hotline, that you can contact us on directly to schedule an EPA.

To do so, just call 01302 363277 and state that you are calling to book an EPA. Our customer service team will then transfer you to our dedicated scheduling team.

However, before you get in touch, we ask that you have a number of details ready:

  • Name of the employer (apprentices only)
  • Contact details you want to be reached on (phone and email)
  • Date of your gateway meeting
  • Any holidays or appointments booked over the next 2 months
  • Other dates you would prefer to avoid

Other things that may need to be considered include:

  • Confirming the address where the EPA will take place?
  • Do you have a private room where it can take place?
  • Would you prefer remote assessment, and if so, have you selected that as an option?
  • Any health and safety, or security, requirements that our assessor needs to be aware of?
  • Is there parking nearby?
  • Do you have wifi access?

Throughout the entire process, our scheduling team will work with you to make sure that assessments can be planned to meet your requirements, and is convenient to apprentices, line managers and employers alike.

To find out more, just call us on 01302 363277.

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