Richard Sprenger attends 18th Convocation of COTHM Pakistan & Dubai

Highfield Chairman Richard Sprenger was delighted to accept the invitation of COTHM Pakistan and Dubai to attend its 18th convocation on Saturday 29 September as chief guest.

The invitation comes on the back of a 2017 agreement between Highfield and COTHM, which saw the School of Food Safety and Health established, with the ultimate goal of improving food safety in Pakistan. The agreement means that COTHM offers the full suite of Highfield’s food safety qualifications.

The convocation saw a total of 200 students awarded qualifications in various programmes including hospitality, culinary arts, and travel and tourism management, and was attended by educationists, hospitality industry professionals, dignitaries, journalists and graduating students and their parents.

At the event Richard spoke passionately about the vision of COTHM and Highfield, stating that the college is ‘not just an academic institution but an idea and a vision’. He went on to say, ‘COTHM does not just prepare graduates with market-driven skills but produces graduates who are able to discover their own identity and serve the hospitality, travel and tourism industry in the true sense of the word.

The convocation saw COTHM CEO Mr Ahmad Shafiq delivered an address that highlighted the desire to expand internationally. The recent establishment of a campus in Dubai, UAE, will be followed by expansion into the wider MENA region. The partnership with Highfield plays a part in enabling COTHM students to access a global education network and provides them with the skills and qualifications necessary to operate at a top level within the international hospitality trade.

Speaking about his visit to COTHM, Richard commented, ‘It was a pleasure to be invited as a guest of honour and to speak at the convocation which saw 200 potential leaders of the hospitality industry graduate. Our work with COTHM is helping to inform food safety to a new generation and shows the regard with which Highfield qualifications are held internationally.’



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