Remote Invigilation Goes From Strength to Strength

2021 has been an incredible year for our remote invigilation service. Obviously, the changing environment has made this service absolutely essential for many of our customers, and we’re proud to have provided a platform that has been so well received.

At the start of the year, we confirmed that we’d hit a milestone of 10,000 exams being remotely invigilated by Highfield. Since this time we can now announce that we’ve invigilated a further 31,900, bringing our total to 41,900 remotely invigilated exams.

Highfield Core – Functional Skills

Even though we only recently introduced Highfield Core, we’ve already remotely invigilated over 1,400 functional skills exams. Initial feedback shows that learners have found the system incredibly easy to use. They have been particularly pleased with our online tutorial function, which makes them feel more comfortable using Highfield Core prior to their exam.

The New Remote Invigilation Booking System

In early August we shall be officially launching this new service to centres. This will allow you to book your own remotely invigilated exam through our system, with either just 3 days notice (which we reduced from 5 days after listening and responding to your feedback) or 6 months in advance. We’ve made booking your remote examinations extremely easy for you to manage and are pleased to confirm that you’ll have full visibility of available booking slots prior to making your booking.

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