Five important things you need to know about HABC’s new qualifications for contact centres

So this week HABC launched four new qualifications for contact centres.  And with the UK contact centre industry currently employing over 650,000 people and worth billions to the national economy, having a well trained workforce is essential.

For many consumers, an organisation’s contact centre is their only interaction with a company, and a positive experience is an essential part of the process.

So what are the five things you need to know?

Five things…

1. They do what they say on the tin
Each of the levels consists of a knowledge and competence qualification. Which means learners will get the practical skills and information businesses are looking for. Which makes them more employable. Which makes them more likely to come to you for training in the first place.  And they’re based on the standards developed by SkillsCFA…which means employers have had a say in their creation.

2. They fit into apprenticeships…
The Level 2 qualifications can be used as component parts of the Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Contact Centre Operations, whilst the Level 3 can be used for the Advanced Level Apprenticeship.  With the recent budget announcement of extra places to be made available, apprenticeships are clearly a key part of the government’s strategy to get young people into work, and a number of funding initiatives are available – so don’t miss out.

3. …and are supported by Apprenti-kits
If you are offering the qualifications as part of an apprenticeship, there’s also a new Contact Centre Apprenti-kit available to support learners.

4. But you can take them on their own too
If apprenticeships aren’t your thing, all the qualifications can be used on a stand-alone basis.  Which gives you flexibility on delivery.

5. Signing up is simple
And if you want to offer these qualifications, we’ve made it really simple for you.  If you’re already a HABC Approved Centre, contact your account manager. If not, drop us a line on or give us a quick call on 0856 226 0350.  We answer all calls within three rings and respond to all emails within a day.  We’ll help you with every step of the process, and can even help you switch your direct claim status.

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