HABC statement on Bright International Ltd – Putting the Record Straight

‘In response to the article in FE Week on 8 May 2014, ‘Who will certificate Bright?’, we believe there are a number of inaccuracies in the statement from Bright International Ltd (‘Bright’) Chief Executive Ms Krissy Charles-Jones that HABC cannot allow to go unchallenged.

Ms Charles-Jones states that Bright was ‘never approved or used by Highfields and I didn’t ever sign any application or agreement to do so’.

In relation to the first part of this statement; this is untrue. Bright submitted an application form for Approved Centre status to HABC on 4 September 2013 and signed a declaration (constituting a formal legal contract) on 4 September 2013. HABC subsequently communicated to Bright that its HABC Centre Approval application had been successful.

Notwithstanding the fact HABC has asked Bright to remove our logo and references to our organisation from its website on several occasions, as of 13 May 2014, the Bright website incorrectly states that they are ‘regulated‘ by Highfield. This is clearly at odds with the statement by Ms Krissy Charles-Jones.

The second part of the statement is also misleading. Although the declaration was signed by Bright’s Head of Training and Quality rather than Ms Charles-Jones personally, we would expect Ms Charles-Jones, as Chief Executive of Bright and the person ultimately in charge, to be accountable for any agreement signed by her staff in good faith with HABC.Further, it is clear from our correspondence with Ms Charles-Jones that she was aware that the declaration had been signed on behalf of Bright.

The statement from Bright further says, ‘they approached us to work with us but we decided not to do so’. Again, this is not the case. One of our Business Development Managers was approached by Bright’s then Head of Training and Quality in July 2013.

It was this approach (by Bright) that led to the application for Approved Centre status being made and the declaration being signed on 4 September 2013.

Finally, Bright’s statement says, ‘We have never done any learning or registrations through them’.

This part of the statement is accurate. HABC suspended Bright in December 2013 after we were notified by NCFE regarding the problems they had discovered. This was before any candidates were registered and before courses were delivered, and most importantly, before any learners could potentially be affected.

Since Bright’s suspension, HABC has received written communications and telephone calls from Ms Charles-Jones and other members of Bright, expressing a clear interest in working with HABC in the future.

However, HABC has now taken the decision to permanently terminate the Approved Centre status of Bright. We will not therefore work in any capacity with Bright or Ms Charles-Jones in the future.

We are disappointed by the actions of Bright and have contacted them directly after seeing the article in FE Week to express our concerns. Having received no satisfactory response, we feel we have no option but to release our own statement to the press and will be considering what further action may be taken.’

Issued on behalf of Terry Bloor, Quality Assurance Manager, 13/05/2014

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