New mental health first aid qualifications suite from Highfield

Highfield Qualifications is currently working on the development of a suite of new qualifications for mental health, due to be launched in autumn 2019. The suite will include a small mental health awareness award along with a larger mental health awareness certificate. Also included will be qualifications to support mental health in the workplace, along with an award for managers to help support the mental health of employees.

More information on the qualifications will be available in autumn 2019.

5 thoughts on “New mental health first aid qualifications suite from Highfield

  1. This sounds great and I have had many enquiries regarding mental health first aid. I currently deliver Highfield Level 3 paediatric first aid along with level 3 first aid at work and level 3 emergency first aid at work, also I have attended a 2 day mental health first aid course. Will all these current qualifications allow me to deliver your new set of mental health qualifications.

      • Hi there – the specification does include the tutor requirements on page 5. We would want to know a little more about the first aid for mental health 2 day course you undertook to make sure it provided sufficient knowledge however, as the emphasis on delivery and assessment of this new qual would be knowledge of mental health.

        • Hi, I’ve tried to find the specification to read the tutor requirements but I’m unable to find it. I’m also looking to deliver this training in the near future and would like to know what qualifications I need to undertake now in order to deliver the qual as soon as it’s released. When is this likely to be available to centres? Thanks in advance.

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