New blended-learning options for first aid

Following last year’s announcement that blended learning would be permitted when delivering first-aid courses, Highfield has launched a new range of e-learning options for learners and tutors.

Blended learning combines the best of digital and online learning with more traditional methods such as classroom and self-directed learning.

Highfield is now offering a range of options that will support blended learning and help save centres time and money. These include:

  • first aid e-learning – interactive learning with end-of-module testing; centres can access full first aid e-learning courses with prices starting from as little as 25p per learner when purchased with registrations
  • ebooks – a free PDF copy of either First Aid at Work or Emergency First Aid at Work for each learner you register for e-learning
  • training presentations – available online to support classroom delivery, and covering areas such as emergency first aid, first aid at work, paediatric first aid, basic life support and automated external defibrillation
  • e-certification –learners’ certificates in a digital format rather than hard copy

All of the above can be purchased directly through the Highfield Qualifications website when purchasing learner registrations. 

Highfield will still be offering its range of traditional learning options such as books, training aids and hard copy certificates for those who require them.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) announced in June that blended learning would be permitted in the delivery of first-aid courses, as long as certain conditions were met:

  • no reduction in the overall time taken for learners to complete first-aid courses
  • a minimum of two thirds training time should be face-to-face
  • practical content of learning outcomes should be delivered and assessed face-to-face

In addition, where learners are required to complete work that forms part of their assessment using distance learning, the following requirements apply:  

  • they should be assessed by a suitably qualified first-aid assessor on completion of the distance learning
  • the first-aid assessor must be satisfied that all assessment criteria for the content delivered by distance learning have been met and auditable evidence should be generated for this purpose
  • the identity of the learner must be confirmed
  • the assessment should be quality assured

If you are a Highfield centre, please contact your account manager for more information on the blended-learning requirements and Highfield’s range of options.

Alternatively, contact us on 0845 2260350/01302 363277 or email us at

2 thoughts on “New blended-learning options for first aid

  1. Hi,
    Can centres approved from other AOs use your blended learnering material. And if yes what is the cost to access the portal per learner.

    Kind Regards

    • Hi there – yes, you can use our materials for qualifications from other AOs. The cost depends on the number of learners and the course, but if you drop our team an email at they’ll be able to give you a better idea and discuss what resources are best for you and your learners. Hope that helps.
      Kind regards

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