Level 5 Food Safety development

HABC LogoHABC is developing a level 5 qualification in food safety.  And we’re looking for your input before we roll out trials in September. 

Aimed at learners interested in taking their knowledge of food safety issues to the next level, the qualification – which will be assessed by a written assignment or set of tasks – will be trialled in September 2014.

Areas likely to be covered will include:

·         Relating basic properties of microorganisms to food safety management;

·         Developing and maintaining a food safety culture;

·         Management of allergens;

·         Managing chemical and physical contamination hazards;

·         The role of audits and inspections in food premises; and

·         HACCP.

HABC is seeking feedback from industry and education professionals on whether they think that a level 5 food safety qualification is something they would sit themselves or would deliver to others.

The qualification will be suitable for:

·         Level 4 food safety qualifications;

·         Managers of food premises; 

·         Technical or quality managers with food manufacturing businesses;

·         Hygiene or regional food safety managers for restaurant groups;

·         Internal inspectors or auditors;

·         Learners wanting to progress into a Higher Education course, ie, Environmental Health; and

·         Trainee Environmental Health Officers working towards a degree.

To have your say, go to our Food Safety page on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/groups/Highfield-Food-Safety-Trainers-Forum-4589568?trk=my_groups-b-grp-v and let us know your views.

12 thoughts on “Level 5 Food Safety development

  1. Are you any closer to rolling this out?
    Also to become a BRC auditor do you think this would meet the requirement of an appropriate higher education qualification such as a diploma.
    Quality Manager DFI

      • Apologies for delay in replying, but the qualification is still in development, although we don’t have a launch date. In terms of the BRC, we will be liaising with them further down the line to see if the qualification could meet their requirements.

  2. Hi thei

    Hi There, im just about wondering if you have made any more progress on the level 5 food saftey course? If so do you have a rough idea when the cousre would be available? As this is something I would really like to do. As im in the process of studying for my level 4.

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