It worked for me: Highfield Apprenticeship

Rob started working for Highfield in 2012 as an IT apprentice. Demonstrating excellent potential, he secured a permanent position with the company following his apprenticeship placement to become a developer within our e-learning team. Like many of his colleagues within the company, Rob has risen through the ranks of the company due to this exceptional commitment and talent, and he is now set to commence managing a new team of IT apprentices later in the year.

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What were your responsibilities as an apprentice?

During my apprenticeship I was responsible for providing outstanding customer service in both internal and external technical IT support. I was also responsible for the design and creation of the range of new Highfield Apprenti-kit products.

What attracted you to an apprenticeship?

Being able to earn whilst I learn, gain new skills and invaluable experience and obtain qualifications in a professional environment.

What skills and experience did you gain from your apprenticeship?

During my apprenticeship I worked alongside all areas of IT picking up skills and experience in customer service, internal and external technical IT support, product design and development and basic programming.

What did your position involve?

My position involved providing online and over-the-phone technical support to our customers that have purchased our electronic products; I would also provide support to our internal customers looking after their hardware and network systems. I was also in charge of creating a brand new range of products called Apprenti-kits that would help thousands of other apprentices complete their apprenticeships too. These were paper-based at first before I later developed an electronic version that could be completed on a computer device.

What is it like to work for Highfield?

It is a pleasure to work for Highfield and alongside all of Highfield’s employees, we are a tight-knit company inside and outside of the office. There is never a dull day and we are always very busy, which is not a bad thing!

What was the highlight of your apprenticeship?

The highlight of my apprenticeship was when I had finished my very first product, that I knew would help so many other apprentices throughout their apprenticeships.

Do you feel that an apprenticeship was beneficial to your career?

Without completing my apprenticeship at Highfield I would not be in the position that I am in now 4 years on, I am soon to manage my own team of apprentice e-learning developers where I can use my own experience as an apprentice to help guide them through their journey.

How would you describe your apprenticeship in 3 words?

Challenging, enjoyable and rewarding.

As a former apprentice, what advice would you give to anybody considering an apprenticeship?

Go for it, there are so many fantastic opportunities in apprenticeships, you can earn a wage whilst gaining invaluable experience and qualifications, and make sure that you choose an apprenticeship in the area that you want to build a career within and that you will love and enjoy.

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