How to…with Highfield: Legionella

Legionella is a killer. Here’s three top tips on how to reduce the risk.

1. Control the temperature. Hot water storage systems should store water at 60°C or higher. Distributed hot water should be 50°C or higher. Cold water delivered to the tap should be below 20°C.

2. Maintain and clean. Legionella will grow where water is allowed to stand unused above 20°C. This most often happens where services have been removed but pipework remains, or where services are used infrequently. Flush outlets regularly (including taps and showers), remove dead ends and clean cold-water tanks regularly.

3. Test and monitor. Water samples should be taken and analysed annually, or as defined during your risk assessment. Pay attention to high risk water sources such as stagnant water, as well as sentinel outlets (outlets that are closest and furthest from the mains entry point or storage tank).

You can find our more on our Legionella awareness qualifications here.

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