How to…with Highfield: Fire Safety

Did you know that the majority of fires are preventable? But how do you ensure your premises is doing all it can to reduce the risk of fire?

1. Conduct a fire safety risk assessment, and regularly update it.

2. Use the findings to put in place proper fire safety measures that minimise the risk.

3. Keep ignition sources and flammable substances apart.

4. Practice good housekeeping. Tidy up. Avoid build ups of rubbish.

5. Install smoke alarms. Check alarms and detection systems regularly.

6. Ensure you have the correct fire-fighting equipment (i.e., the correct extinguishers for the correct type of fire).

7. Make sure escape routes and fire exists are kept clear.

8. Train your team – make sure they know what to do, where to go and who is responsible for what. If you’re looking for some additional help, Highfield has a range of materials and resources to support you:




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