Highfield leads the way for EPA!

We’re proud of our end-point assessment (EPA) offer and we’re one of the leaders in the market when it comes to apprenticeship assessment.

After listening to customer requests for remote end-point assessments, we have responded by creating our digital EPA service. This allows us to provide even more flexibility in the arrangements for EPA.  To find out more please contact your employer engagement manager (EEM) who will be happy to help.

And it’s been a great year overall for Highfield in terms of EPA. To date, we’ve had over 2500 apprentices take their EPA with Highfield.  These EPAs have consisted of over 6300 individual assessments in an increasingly wider variety of job roles for some of the biggest names in British business.

And let’s not forget we’re now approved to deliver EPA for an incredible 33 different standards, with more being added all the time.

Finally, we know that EPA shouldn’t be a chore, but that sometimes it can be a little heavy on the paperwork, which is why we launched the Highfield EPA Dashboard. Click on this link to find out more : https://www.highfieldqualifications.net/keep-track-of-your-epa-with-our-new-digital-dashboard-2/

So to find out more on how we can support you with our national coverage and flexible approach to assessment and scheduling, visit our website, and discover why we increasingly lead the way for EPA.  

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