New Highfield-kits available for apprenticeships and work-based learning

Highfield-kitHighfield has launched a new and updated range of user-friendly Highfield-kits to better meet the needs of learners and educators, and reflect industry changes.

The four kits cover all aspects of the learning programmes offered by Highfield, and are available as physical hardcopies in a folder or as fillable PDF ‘E-kits’, where exercises can be completed and saved digitally, then uploaded and mapped via your e-portfolio provider or online tracking server.

We also offer the opportunity to create bespoke kits with your own branding.

The four different types of kit are:

Our Apprenti-kits support learners as they progress through their apprenticeship frameworks, and provide information and assessments, allowing learners to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding.  They specifically support the knowledge-based qualifications of apprenticeship frameworks, with tasks included to suit different learners’ needs and styles.    Each Apprenti-kit includes a welcome booklet, textbooks and workbooks, while the Essentials of Employment Handbook can be added for an additional £3.50.

Employability-kits enhance the learning experience of those taking a pre-employment qualification prior to starting a career.  Centres can choose from a wide selection of units to create their own bespoke Employability-kits at Level 1 or Level 2, with a textbook and workbook included for each unit.

Our Trainee-kits have been designed to inspire, motivate and engage learners taking a traineeship, and cover a multitude of subjects including business and administration, customer service, retail, warehousing and health and social care. Each Trainee-kit includes a welcome booklet, a work preparation section, textbooks and workbooks. You can build your own kits suited to your programme with many units being available to choose from.

Knowledge-kits cover standalone qualifications in subject areas including business and administration, customer service, team leading and warehousing and storage, and include a textbook and workbook for each mandatory unit of the qualification.

If you would like to purchase any of our kits, sign into the members’ area and add them to your learner registration purchases. Alternatively, click here.


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