Highfield International Update

Highfield International – New Office
It’s not just our UK business that is gearing up for big changes. Our international office, based in Dubai, is also expanding.

Highfield International is, due to planned expansion, moving into a larger office in Healthcare City, Dubai.

The move will allow us to increase our activity across the Middle East and Asia as we grow our international team. Which brings us neatly on to…

Expansion into South East Asia
We’ve recently appointed a new International Development Manager, Rob Kindness, who will be working with centres based in South East Asia.

Rob is passionate about improving standards of qualifications and training in the region and is particularly focused on the role that Highfield’s TVET qualifications can make across South East Asia.

His remit will also see him work with our centres in the UK who deliver training across Asia.

Rob joins us with a wealth of experience working with awarding organisations. Not only is he an experienced business development professional, but he brings a host of experience leading and developing accreditation services and programmes.

New international qualifications – for delivery overseas
We live in an increasingly connected world, and we know that many of our centres are working not only within the UK but are increasingly delivering training overseas.

That’s testament to the quality of your tutors and trainers, and the quality and demand for UK qualifications.

However, we also know that RQF qualifications are very much set-up for the UK marketplace – the inclusion of UK systems, legislation and enforcement – can make teaching the qualification abroad more difficult than it needs to be.

Which is why we also offer a range of international qualifications that are designed specifically for overseas delivery.

These qualifications, which are regarded as unregulated provision, are designed to the exacting standards you’d expect of an award-winning UK awarding organisation, but offer a level of flexibility in delivery that can account for local regulations, enforcement and systems.

Often the only difference, between our regulated and international qualifications, is the removal of UK specific legislation, systems and enforcement.

In the last few months we have introduced three new international qualifications:

  • Highfield Level 2 International Award in Nutrition and Health
  • Highfield Level 2 International Diploma in Patisserie
  • Highfield Level 4 International Award in Managing Food Safety for Catering

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