Have you updated your functional skills invigilation procedures?

We really want to ensure that you are up to date, particularly with the key regulatory requirement for centres to ensure that the new reformed functional skills exams are independently invigilated.

If an exam has not been independently invigilated, Highfield will not be able to accept the assessments and learners will have to retake the exam.

We are always here to support and explain if you need any further information or clarification.

As you’ll be aware, from 1 September 2019, we began offering the new reformed functional skills qualifications, giving you the opportunity to provide your customers with the very latest and most up-to-date qualifications available.

Please could we politely ask you to once again familiarise yourself with the updated guidance and policies in line with your centre agreement with us.  There have been significant changes to the invigilation requirements for the reformed qualifications, which Highfield approved centres must comply with. 

To remind you, we have highlighted the key points below:

8. Invigilators

8.1 The invigilator must not be related to learners. It is the centre’s responsibility to ensure that the invigilator is suitable to invigilate examinations.

8.2 A functional skills subject tutor must not be involved in the invigilation of that subject, even if they have not taught those candidates (i.e. a  functional skills English tutor must not invigilate any functional skills English exam and a functional skills maths tutor must not invigilate any functional skills maths exam, regardless of the level they teach).

8.3 In conjunction with 2.8.1, the invigilator must sign the Functional Skills Invigilator Declaration prior to invigilating an onscreen functional skills examination.

All of the above can be found in the Highfield Qualifications’ Examination & Invigilation Regulations (Functional Skills) document, which you can download from the members’ section of www.highfieldqualifications.com at any time.

Alternatively, if you have any questions or concerns about the new processes, please contact your account manager who will be more than happy to help.

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