Functional Skills with Highfield

More and more providers are coming to Highfield for their functional skills provision.


Because the support we offer is second to none. And with fast turnarounds, exceptional customer support and industry-leading resources and guidance, we’ve already helped thousands of apprentices and businesses achieve their ambitions.

We offer:

  • on-demand assessment options (paper-based and on-screen)
  • sector-leading results turnaround, with results available within 10 days (12 for paper-based)
  • comprehensive feedback reports with the key details you need to monitor
  • thorough guidance to support contextualisation of assessments and the option to choose your own contexts for assessments in the speaking, listening and communications components
  • certificates printed the same day results are released
  • initial and diagnostic assessments available

All of the above, plus support from our exceptional customer support team (calls answered within three rings, emails responded to within one working day), along with consistent and transparent prices, so there are never any hidden fees or shocks.

Just go to to find out how we can help you and your learners.

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