Protocol Training hits the airwaves with first aid message

Protocol SwindonProtocol Training’s John Markey is the latest addition to the Swindon 105.5 FM line up – with his own slot to raise awareness of first aid with a special first aid message!

John has been guesting on the community radio station – which goes by the phrase ‘Daring to be different’ – to speak about first aid and to persuade more of the people of Swindon to undertake first aid training.

And so far John has been going down a storm, appearing regularly at 9.20 am every Wednesday on the Roundabout Swindon show with DJ Sean Hodgson, alongside interviews with local people about local activities, clubs, charities and events, as well as the Musical Medley Montage and the 60 Second Challenge.

John said, ‘At the moment, just 7% of people have some form of first aid training. When you consider how first aid can save lives and help raise a person’s chances of survival in those precious few minutes before the emergency services arrive, it’s incredible that we don’t encourage more people to undertake training.

Being able to speak directly to people over the radio every week is a great way to get them interested in first aid. And it’s a great way to talk about the subject in an informal and friendly way, whether it’s about what first aid actually involves, helpful tips and guidance, asthma awareness or where people can find training.’

To hear more, tune into Swindon 105.5FM or listen live here.

You can also download a podcast of the show here.

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