Extended new premises for distribution team

It’s been a successful few years for Highfield. But there’s no surer proof of business growth than when you have to physically expand your premises.

extended new premisesHighfield’s Distribution Centre (or just ‘DC’) – home to our print and distribution teams – has recently undergone a facelift so that it can handle even more stock and orders, and make sure that we meet customer expectations in terms of dispatch and delivery.

DC UPAnd with an extended mezzanine floor and packing room, the total floor area for DC is now 8000 square feet – about enough room to house 80 family saloon cars!

Fork Lift HABCThe expansion comes on top of our recent purchase of our own Highfield-liveried delivery vans for moving items between our three Doncaster offices, plus purchase of a new forklift for the DC site.

Sean Asquith, Print Manager, said, ‘It’s great to see these investments being made in our department and the company, as it really demonstrates how we are continually growing and going from strength to strength.  Our staffing has also doubled over the last couple of years to help keep up with demand, creating jobs in the local economy whilst allowing us to deliver even better service to our customers.’

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