Do threats to food security inevitably lead to threats to food safety and integrity?

The food industry is greatly affected by food security, so the need for vigilance throughout the supply chain is vital. Those working in the industry need to ensure that all elements of supply chain assurance and management work together to protect ultimate consumers and deliver food security in its widest form. 

During this webinar on 8 September, our guest speaker Dawn Welham, immediate past President CIEH & Operations & Technical Services Director Caterers Choice, will deliver a 45-minute presentation on recent challenges to food security, the potential consequences faced by the food industry, and ultimately what is required to protect consumers.

Topics to be covered include:

•    pandemic shutdowns of manufacturers and processors
•    shipping line chaos and ocean freight issues 
•    Suez Canal blockage when things were starting to normalise 
•    Brexit and the effect on NI export from the UK
•    key drivers for driver shortages 
•    shelf-life impact 
•    temperature abuse/control issues 
•    problems arising from raw material shortages

Following Dawn’s presentation there will be 45-minutes available for a Q&A session, putting the expert at your fingertips.

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