Coronavirus – guidance on safe use of manikins

We’ve created some guidance for first-aid centres on the safe use of manikins on courses.

We’ve had quite a few queries, particularly around the safe use of manikins as their use involves physical contact.

It’s understandable as to why people may be concerned, so to help you reassure learners, we’ve issued some sensible, authoritative and easy-to-follow guidance that avoids the hyperbole and sticks to the facts. 

We’ve also published further guidance for centres who specifically carry out first-aid training.

It’s imperative that all trainers adhere to the strict manikin hygiene guidelines, which include:

  • sterilise manikin faces at the end of each course or day of use
  • use manikin face wipes after each learner demonstration
  • place extra emphasis on cleaning the mouth area, nose, forehead and chest of the manikin
  • provide a disposable face shield for each learner (though you’ll still need to use the wipes!)
  • change replacement airways and lungs for each resuscitation manikin at the end of each course

For Laerdal Baby Anne and Laerdal MiniAnne manikins, issue learners with their own baby manikin lung, which should be swapped between uses.

We will bring you further updates and guidance as we receive it.

In the meantime, trainers should make themselves aware of the government guidance and ensure that they adhere to it

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