Changes to our members’ section  

We’ve made some minor but important changes to the members section of the Highfield Qualifications website that will improve the way it operates and provide you with a better user experience.

So what have we done, and why will it make things easier for you?

  1. We’ve made the content stretch over the full width of the page, maximising the space, removing the large white areas at either side and overall making it easier for you to navigate.
  2. We’ve tidied up the navigation of the members’ area, so that it all now appears down the left-hand side and expands or contracts depending on which section you are viewing, making the whole thing a much simpler interface to use. We’ve also removed the top-level navigation from all of the pages.
  3. We’ve updated the iconography and overall styling of the pages to them a more contemporary and intuitive look and feel. Likewise, many of the new icons and options will be more user-friendly to the growing number of you who don’t use methods other than PCs or laptops to access the members’ section.

This is by no means the end of the changes and we have plans to improve the look and feel of other core parts of the members’ section in the coming months, including the exam booking and learner registrations.

We’ll inform you of further changes as they happen but in the meantime, if you need any assistance or have any suggestions about how we can make the user experience even better, please contact your account manager. 

To see the changes, go to and log in using your centre details.

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