Changes to food safety qualifications

Buffet In The Restaurant by lemonadeA number of changes have been made to our food safety training qualifications to make them more responsive to learners’ needs.

As a result, HABC has issued new multiple-choice examination papers. Centres can continue to use existing papers they are holding until 30 November 2014. After this date, the following papers will become void:

  • FSC1001
  • FSC1002
  • FSC1003
  • FSC1004
  • FSC1005
  • FSC1006
  • FSC1007
  • FSC1008
  • FSC1009
  • FSC1010
  • FSC1011
  • FSM1001
  • FSM1002
  • FSM1003
  • FSM1004
  • FSR1001
  • FSR1002
  • FSCA101
  • FSCA102
  • FSCA103
  • FSCA104
  • FSCA105
  • FSCA106
  • FSCA107
  • FSCA108

Please note that HABC will not accept the examination paper codes listed above for any courses run after 30 November 2014.

If you are a HABC Approved Centre, please contact your account manager for more details.

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