We’ve been approved to deliver end-point assessment for Hire Controller

We’re proud to report that we’ve been approved to deliver EPA for the Hire Controller (Plant, Tools and Equipment) standard. Which brings the grand total of standards we’re approved to deliver EPA for to 41!

How does this role fit within my business?
An effective Hire Controller is key to the success of any company working in the hire sector for specialist plant, tools, machinery or equipment and will be one of the main points of contact for your customers.

Find an overview of the programme structure, assessment methods and pricing on our website here

Why choose Highfield for your EPA?
We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to.

We can offer your business a full range of assessment services, support and advice to help you and your apprentices achieve your goals.

In fact, we’re one of the leading authorities on EPA in the country and have already worked with some of the biggest and best-known organisations in the UK, delivering thousands of successful assessments across over 40 different apprenticeship standards.

This all stems from our unbeatable offer and complete assessment service, which includes:

  • comprehensive assessment resources and guidance
  • engagement with external quality assurance organisations
  • training and standardisation for all assessors
  • a dedicated employer engagement team
  • a simple scheduling process with scheduling team on hand for support
  • the VAULT – Highfield’s online, browser-based e-portfolio system that tracks every point of a learner’s journey, allows learners to access resources, store evidence, interact with their assigned tutor, plan their activities and view their progress. 

All of which adds up to thousands of happy apprentices, providers and employers!

So, whether you’re considering taking on apprentices for the first time, wanting to have your existing in-house training recognised, or you’re searching for services to ensure you claim your full share of levy funding, you can trust Highfield to deliver.

Find the full range of standards we cover on our website here

Email us to find out more or call our team today on 01302 363277.

Remote Invigilation for End Point Assessment Webinar

This webinar covers how remote invigilation works for end-point assessment.

Our distance test conditions enable everyone to adhere to government advice by sitting isolated examinations at home or in the workplace.

This webinar explains how you can:

enable home and work-based tests to be undertaken with a remote invigilator

conduct tests under Highfield’s normal exam conditions

access support from our employer engagement managers who will support you through the entire process

The information in this webinar was correct at the time of broadcast (3 April 2020).

For more on our webinars, go to https://centres.highfieldqualifications.com/Events/Default.aspx

End Point Assessment – Portfolio and Project Submissions

Want to know what it’s like working with Highfield for end-point assessment?

Watch the recording of Highfield’s End-Point Assessment – Portfolio and Project Submissions webinar which took place on Tuesday 31 March.

In this, the Highfield Assessment team dissect the myths around this area of EPA and provide guidance based on our own experiences of good and bad practice.

The webinar covered in detail areas around Portfolio and Project Submissions including: ·

  • a brief introduction to Highfield Assessment
  • guidance on portfolio and project submissions
  • using matrix documents
  • evidencing criteria
  • the provider’s involvement
  • best practice document sharing
  • lessons learned and myth-busting

Once again, the Highfield team were online to answer all audience questions live, on-air during the broadcast.

This FREE webinar took place on Tuesday 31 March 2020. The information provided was correct at the time of broadcast.

To see register for our future webinars, go to https://centres.highfieldqualifications.com/Events/Default.aspx

Updates from the Apprenticeship Service

The Apprenticeship Service regularly publishes a number of webinars and videos updates to help you understand more about apprenticeships and assessment.

For more on their webinars, go to www.gotostage.com/channel/apprenticeshipservicewebinars

Or to view to the support videos on their YouTube channel, go to https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMNvQX_aIOux3SdHgg3Iw8D8dPrVHbMY7

ESFA updates guidance on gateway and resits

The government has updated its guidance on the roles and responsibilities for apprenticeship gateway and resits for end-point assessment (EPA).

The guidance is relevant to employers, training providers, EPAOs and apprentices, and covers EPA, gateway, minimum requirements, resits and retakes, and costs.

To view the guidance, go to https://www.gov.uk/guidance/apprenticeship-gateway-and-resits-for-end-point-assessment-epa

New EQAO provider for care worker standards

If you work with the adult care worker and leader adult care worker standards, you may notice some minor changes to paperwork and admin.

As of end of 2019, external quality assurance for both standards is now being provided by the  National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR), replacing ACEQUAS.

While this change should not directly affect you, we thought it worthwhile to inform you in case you see some changes to branding and paperwork.


New Level 3 Business Administrator EPA Kit and Supporting Documentation

Our EPA kit and supporting documentation for the Level 3 Business Administrator standard is now in a new format, making it easier for you to access the information you need.

We have not made significant changes to the requirements but have simply refreshed how the information is presented and accessed.

As part of the changes, we’ve decided not to distinguish each criterion as either pass or distinction, as the total of all criteria achieved within each assessment method will be used and combined with the totals of the other assessment methods to generate an overall grade. The criteria contained within each assessment method are equally weighted to each other.

In addition, we have made all supporting documentation available to be download separately rather than as a part of the EPA Kit itself. For this standard, this includes:

  • Gateway Readiness Report
  • Mock Knowledge Test
  • Mock Marking Grids (for Portfolio Interview & Project Presentation)
  • Portfolio Matrix

The EPA Kit and all supporting documentation are available to download from the Highfield Assessment website, as normal, at the following link: https://www.highfieldassessment.com/business-admin-epa-kit-101

Team Leader/Supervisor EPA kit and supporting documentation

We’ve recently made some updates to the EPA resources for the Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship Standard, making it much easier for you to access the information you need. These documents are available here
We’re also aware that changes to both the team leader/supervisor and operations/departmental manager standards are being worked on by the trailblazer group at the moment. However, as nothing has been formally published, we will continue to follow the current assessment plan and will not be adjusting our end-point assessment methods until these changes have been confirmed. Once we know more, we will inform all centres of our plans of moving over to the new assessment methods.

If you have any questions about these changes, please get in touch with us directly in info@highfieldassessment.com or call us on 01302 363277.

Scheduling your EPA

Once an apprentice has completed their gateway and is ready to progress to EPA, the next step is to schedule the assessment with Highfield.

To make this as simple as possible, we’ve created a scheduling hotline, that you can contact us on directly to schedule an EPA.

To do so, just call 01302 363277 and state that you are calling to book an EPA. Our customer service team will then transfer you to our dedicated scheduling team.

However, before you get in touch, we ask that you have a number of details ready:

  • Name of the employer (apprentices only)
  • Contact details you want to be reached on (phone and email)
  • Date of your gateway meeting
  • Any holidays or appointments booked over the next 2 months
  • Other dates you would prefer to avoid

Other things that may need to be considered include:

  • Confirming the address where the EPA will take place?
  • Do you have a private room where it can take place?
  • Would you prefer remote assessment, and if so, have you selected that as an option?
  • Any health and safety, or security, requirements that our assessor needs to be aware of?
  • Is there parking nearby?
  • Do you have wifi access?

Throughout the entire process, our scheduling team will work with you to make sure that assessments can be planned to meet your requirements, and is convenient to apprentices, line managers and employers alike.

To find out more, just call us on 01302 363277.

Lifesize Test Link

Many of you will have already used our Lifesize web conferencing for your remote assessments. To ensure this runs smoothly on the assessment day, we highly recommend testing your connection and device with a Lifesize test link.

This will also help in putting your learner at ease by getting them used to the system before their assessment.

The test link to use is https://guest.lifesize.com/359905 We recommend using a Chrome browser.

If your learner is scheduled for a Lifesize assessment, full details and a user guide will be included with your booking confirmation.

Please contact your Employer Engagement Manager if you have any problems with accessing Lifesize, prior to the assessment.