Care certificate e-learning from official workbook developer

One of the most comprehensive e-learning systems for workers taking the Care Certificate has been launched by the group that developed the official workbook.

The software, from Highfield e-learning, is designed to support delivery of the knowledge elements of the Care Certificate. It can be fitted into existing workplace induction programmes and covers all 15 standards included in the Care Certificate, with a 30 minute course for each of the standards to test knowledge and understanding.

The e-learning is flexible so that each learner can complete the standards specific to their role, and is mapped to official health and social care qualifications so that prior learning can be recognised. It is also fully customisable so that it meets the needs of individual organisations, and trackable so that learner progress can be monitored and verified.

HF Care Cert2Highfield e-learning is part of the same group as Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (‘HABC’), which was commissioned by Health Education England, Skills for Care and Skills for Health to develop the official Care Certificate workbook to support its introduction across the health and social care sectors from 1 April 2015.

Chris Sprenger, Highfield E-Learning Managing Director, said, ‘Our e-learning has been put together by many of the key people involved in the development of the official Care Certificate workbook, and goes the extra mile in making delivery of the Care Certificate – which may seem a burden to some – an engaging and motivating experience for learners.

The feedback we have received from the health and social care sector is extremely positive, and we have already begun working with some of the leading training providers and employers to help make sure their learners and staff are compliant with the requirements of the Care Certificate’.

HF Care Cert1Prices per licence are (not including VAT):

  • 1-9 users – £35 plus VAT each
  • 10-99 users – £30 plus VAT each
  • 100+ users – £25 plus VAT each

We also plan to offer the modules from the Care Certificate as 15 individual courses. Each one will be priced at £2.50 per unit.

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