Apprenticeship trailblazers –where are we now?

ApprenticeshipsApprenticeships are going through a radical overhaul, with changes to the way they are developed and implemented, and a particular emphasis on involving employers in their overall design.

A number of ‘trailblazer’ groups have been carrying out this process, made up of employers, professional bodies, trade associations and sector skills councils, working together to design new apprenticeship standards for occupations within their sector.

You may be aware that HABC has been involved too, bringing its expertise and experience as an Awarding Organisation and developer of qualifications to the process, particularly with regards to the apprenticeship assessment plans.

HABC has been working with the transport apprenticeship trailblazer group, which is developing two proposed Level 2 standards for passenger transport services and passenger transport operations.

The passenger transport services apprenticeship will cover customer-facing roles on buses, coaches and trains, including ticketing and on-board sales. As well as job-specific skills, it will contain core values covering life skills and allow for career progression to team leading and management roles at Level 3 and Level 4.

The proposed passenger transport operations apprenticeship, also at Level 2, covers the back-of-house functions of a transport business and includes non-customer facing roles such as timetabling and planning services. It again covers core values and life skills,allowing for progression to team leading and management roles at Level 3 and Level 4.

HABC has assisted in the consultation on the final draft of the transport apprenticeship standards, including helping to create a learner journey from a brand new starter to being an employable apprentice, and helped to establish what type of assessment is appropriate (including formative, summative and end-point assessment) as part of an overall assessment plan.

The final draft of the transport apprenticeship standards are currently awaiting approval, expected some time over the summer.

HABC has also been taking part in the development of the new standards for the customer service apprenticeship trailblazer, having been formally invited to help develop an assessment plan alongside other organisations.

The standards, will include two pathways – front line customer service practitioner and customer experience specialist – will meet the needs of employers whilst allowing learners and employees to progress to the next level in their career.

Currently the customer service apprenticeship standards have been submitted for approval and we are waiting on the outcome of this.

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