Coming soon – Apprenticeship Standard (Level 2) Healthcare Support Worker kit

Apprenticeship Standard Updateapprenticeship standardA new Apprent-kit to help learners undertaking the new level 2 apprenticeship standard for healthcare support worker is being launched by Highfield Products

Developed to support learners through a number of different delivery models – whether that’s direct delivery, distance learning or blended learning – the Apprenticeship Standard (Level 2) Healthcare Support Worker comes complete with everything needed to help learners, employers and tutors throughout the apprenticeship journey. 

The comprehensive kit includes a welcome booklet that provides guidance on the new apprenticeship standards, thorough coverage of the required knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs), plus a wide range of sector-based activities to enhance learners’ understanding and achievement. 

Also included is an authoritative guide that aims to demystify end-point assessment, plus a textbook and workbook for each of the mandatory knowledge and skills modules, as well as for the required behaviours. 

And to provide added flexibility and adaptability, the kit is available in an A4 ring binder or electronically as an e-kit delivered direct to your inbox. 

The Apprenticeship Standard (Level 2) Healthcare Support Worker is available for pre-order now. Just contact Highfield on either 0845 226 0350/01302 363277 or

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