AQLT and HABC team up to improve access to APLH courses

National retailers and members of the public seeking APLH courses will be able to find them more easily thanks to this new partnership.

The Alliance of Quality of Licensing Trainers (AQLT)* is now offering Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) qualifications at a number of their training centres across England, Scotland and Wales, with key examination venues including Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Liverpool, London and Oxford.

The coverage of venues will allow national licensed retailers and the general public to sit HABC examinations at AQLT’s centres on a number of monthly dates, offering them greater flexibility and choice.  The dates will be published on HABC’s Coursefinder Plus.

It is the second time the two organisations have teamed up, having previously partnered in 2012 to offer the first national training programme in Underage Sales Prevention to both the on- and off-licence sectors in 40 locations across England and Wales.

Martin Read, Acting Chair of AQLT, said, ‘We are extremely pleased to now be able to offer HABC personal licence holder qualifications at our training centres across the UK. The initial national series of Preventing Underage Sales courses we delivered using HABC qualifications was most successful and we now look forward to providing this essential APLH qualification to many HABC corporate and public clients’.


Christian Sprenger, HABC MD, said, ‘We have worked successfully with AQLT before, and we know that they have the same commitment to high standards, customer service and meeting expectations as we do. AQLT shares our values, and through this partnership we will be able to deliver high-quality qualifications across England, Scotland and Wales.’

AQLT now delivers HABC’s full suite of licensing qualifications, including the APLH, SCPLH and the SCPLHR, as well as a number of other related compliance qualifications available upon request including food safety, health and safety and underage sales,available to members of the public or delivered to major national retailers.

To find out more, and for contact details of Centres that will be offering HABC qualifications in each region, go to Coursefinder Plus.

* AQLT is a group of five of the UK’s largest and award-winning training companies for the delivery of licensing training in England, Scotland and Wales (abv Training, InnConfidence, Inn Dispensable Training, InnPacked and Poppleston Allen).

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