How Scotland’s hospitality businesses are preparing for new allergen labelling legislation with Tennent’s Training Academy

allergen labelling legislationNew rules come into force across the European Union from tomorrow (13 December 2014) meaning that food and drink establishments need to provide allergy information on any food sold unpackaged.

And Glasgow-based Tennent’s Training Academy (TTA) is offering businesses in Scotland the chance to take the new HABC Level 3 Award in Food Allergen Management for Caterers to help them understand the legislation.

TTA, which is a HABC Approved Centre, currently holds weekly training courses for foodservice staff right across the hospitality sector in Scotland, with more planned for next year. And with 2015 being the Year of Food and Drink in Scotland, all eyes are on Scotland’s hospitality businesses to get it right.

Training Co-ordinator, Clare Coghill, who has been championing the allergens training course for TTA, said, ‘The feedback has been interesting. Most businesses did not even realise the law on allergens were changing, and were totally unprepared. Since starting the training, companies have been taking on board the necessary actions to ensure they are prepared and can cope with the high demands of customers and their growing needs for special guidance from staff and on their menus’.

She added, ‘Over 200 managers and chefs have been trained since the introduction of this qualification to the Academy, and we expect to continue the training of hundreds of candidates throughout 2015.

If any businesses need advice about allergens we would be delighted to hear from them and help them’.
For more information, go to, email or call 0141 553 0010.

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