Everything you need to know about our new health and social care qualifications in just a minute and a half

As you are probably aware, we at Highfield Qualifications have launched a new range of 13 health and social care qualifications to support learners in roles within the healthcare, adult care and other related environments.

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New range of qualifications for the health and social care sector

A new range of qualifications that will bring clarity and structure to the training landscape in the health and social care sector has been launched by Highfield Qualifications.

The 13 new qualifications, which sit on Ofqual’s Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), will support learners in roles within the healthcare, adult care and other related environments.

Areas covered include principles of care planning, safeguarding and dignity in adult care, prevention and control of infection, and nutrition and health principles. Also covered are safe handling of medication, understanding diabetes, autism, challenging behaviour and mental health problems.

The qualifications are designed to support providers and employers looking to make the most of their European Social Fund (ESF) allocation and Adult Education Budget (AEB), as well as local education authorities with budgets covering health and social care.

Jason Sprenger, Highfield chief executive, said, ‘The 13 new qualifications will provide specific coverage of key areas that are vital to the sector. They also provide a clarity and structure to the training in health and social care that has long been needed and will make it easier for employers looking to recruit, or for existing staff to upskill in specialist areas.

Most importantly, the new qualifications will also allow providers and employers to make full use of the ESF and AEB, providing the high-quality training needed in the sector’. 

A summary of all the qualifications can be found at https://www.highfieldqualifications.com/qualifications/compliance/healthsocialcare

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Training funding available for adult social care employers

Training fundingTraining funding is available to put towards the costs of local authority employees completing the Level 5 Certificate in Fundamental Knowledge in Commissioning for Wellbeing (RQF). 

The funding is being made available from the Workforce Development Fund (WDF), and is designed to help cover the costs of local authority employees completing adult social care qualifications, units and learning programmes. 

Employers can claim back a contribution towards the costs of employees completing the relevant qualifications, units, apprenticeships and learning programmes. Employers who directly incur costs for learning and development, such as course fees, can access the WDF to reclaim a contribution towards these costs.

Employees must have job roles that primarily undertake direct commissioning of adult social care services.

A list of the funded qualifications is available here

The WDF is disbursed by Skills for Care (SfC), and is available until 29 September 2017. 

If you are a learning providerlarge national organisation (1000+ employees) or an employer led partnership, please visit the appropriate page for more information and to apply. 

You can also read more about how the WDF has helped others.

To apply
There are different ways to access the training funding depending on your location:

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Two new qualifications to support care sector leaders

Health and Social Care QualificationsTwo new qualifications to support the training and development of current and future care sector leaders have been launched.

Developed by Highfield Qualifications and approved by Skills for Care, the qualifications are the most up to date in the sector that cover the principles of leadership and management for adult care, and the principles of commissioning for wellbeing.

The HABC Level 5 Certificate in Principles of Commissioning for Wellbeing (RQF) supports those for whom commissioning is part of their job role, and introduces the principles to new commissioners, enabling more experienced wellbeing professionals to review and update their knowledge. Although aimed at those who commission adult care and support services, it can be contextualised to support commissioners in health, housing and children’s care. It is the first of a suite of commissioning qualifications planned by Skills for Care.

The HABC Level 4 Certificate in Principles of Leadership and Management for Adult Care (RQF) covers the knowledge and understanding needed to allow learners to move into higher level training, thus bridging the gap between level 3 and level 5 qualifications.  It aligns with the Management Induction Standards (2016) and covers areas such as communication, safeguarding, professional development, regulatory processes and performance management.

Jason Sprenger, the Highfield Chief Executive said, ‘Supporting the development and training of current and future leaders in the care sector is paramount if it is to have the skilled individuals it needs to deliver services in an increasingly challenging environment. These are the most up-to-date additions to a suite of qualifications that focus on the principles of commissioning for wellbeing and the principles of leadership and management for adult care, and have been developed to a Skills for Care specification’.

For more information, go to http://www.highfieldqualifications.com/qualifications/compliance/healthsocialcare, phone 0845 2260350 or 01302 363277, or email info@highfield.co.uk