New Highfield paediatric first-aid qualifications

Highfield Qualifications has launched two new paediatric qualifications to take account of changes and updates to best practice.

The new qualifications, which were launched 1 February 2019, are the Highfield Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid (RQF) 603/3846/5 and the Highfield Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid (RQF) 603/3847/7.

Important changes to the Highfield Level 3 Emergency Paediatric First Aid (RQF) qualification include the removal of criteria specifically covering PPE, first-aid kits and the completion of accident or incident reports.

Changes to the Highfield Level 3 Paediatric First Aid (RQF) qualification include the removal of the same criteria, but with the addition of using a training device autoinjector.

Please note, the new qualifications have different registrations, qualification specifications and assessment paperwork. Centres must ensure they are purchasing or requesting the correct registrations and using the correct corresponding paperwork when delivering the new qualifications.

Any registrations held for the qualifications due to expire can be exchanged for new qualification registrations by your account manager. 

For more information, contact us on 0845 2260350 / 01302 363277 or email us at for more information.

2018 events calendar now live!

2018 events calendarWe know summer may have only just started, despite the best efforts of the British weather to suggest otherwise.  

And it’s still a massive 152 days until Christmas (sorry).  

But that’s not going to stop us from launching our events calendar for 2018!  

We’re already excited about the line up we’ve put together, with a whole host of events throughout the year covering first aid, fire safety, education and training and food safety.

And we’ve brought together some of the very best subject matter experts in their fields, who will be bringing you all the latest updates, guidance, information and training you need for your organisation. 

Nearly all our events come with CPD points and offer discounts to Highfield Centres, so there’s plenty of reason to get booking now. 

But don’t worry if you’re looking to have your training needs met a little bit sooner – there’s still 21 weeks of the year left (we’re counting) and numerous events between now and the end of the year, so plenty of opportunity to confirm your place.

If you want to take a sneak preview of what we’ve lined up for 2018, then just go to our events section and scroll through the dates. 

Or drop us a line at  

First Aid Qualification Update – Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training

In June, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) announced the requirement for all workplace first-aiders to be trained in the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) from 31 December 2016. This is as a result of a change to the guidelines of the Resuscitation Council UK, which now state that when managing a casualty in need of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), a first-aider must request an AED.

To accommodate these changes and cover the use of an automated external defibrillator, Highfield will be amending the qualification specification and practical assessment pack for the following qualifications:

Centres running courses from 31 December 2016 will be required to assess learners in the use of an AED. However, this will be optional prior to this date.

We anticipate that the subject of using an AED will be covered in the CPR section of each qualification. Learners should be assessed on their ability to demonstrate the following skills:

  • place AED pads correctly
  • follow AED instructions

Additionally, please note, the following requirements must be met when delivering training on the use of an AED:

  • centres must have 1 training AED available for every 4 learners on a course. This does allow for adjustment to lesson plans so long as the ratio of 1:4 is maintained and centres ensure learners are not disadvantaged.
  • centres running first-aid courses must ensure their tutors and assessors are sufficiently knowledgeable and competent in the use of an AED

We shall keep you updated with any further updates we receive regarding these qualifications. In the meantime, if you require any further information, please contact your account manager.

HABC Spring CPD Events

CPD Event Banner 2016HABC will be hosting several events during spring. Each of these events will focus on specific subject areas and will cover the relevant qualifications available from Highfield in these areas and their delivery. Delegates will have the opportunity to network with industry trainers and view supporting subject materials from Highfield International.

The events are:

Admin Support2 660x226px

Admin Support Event

♦ Thursday, 19 May 2016
♦ University of Stirling, Scotland

Price: This is a FREE event

First Aid 660x226px

Regulated First Aid Qualification Assessor & IQA CPD Training

♦ Thursday, 19 May 2016
♦ Village Urban Resorts, Tyne and Wear, Newcastle

Price: £50+VAT for HABC centres and £65+VAT for non-centres


Education and Training Event

♦ Monday, 20 June 2016

♦ Holiday Inn, Doncaster A1 (M) Jct 36

Price: £50+VAT for HABC centres and £65+VAT for non-centres

Attendance at each of these events will entitle you to 6 CPD points.

The 2016 calendar will not only allow you to view details of our scheduled events, but will also provide you with the option of booking yourself and/or your colleagues onto them. To book yourself on to one of our events, please visit here. Alternatively, you can secure your place by calling our Sales team on 0845 226 0350 or by emailing the Events team at

Spaces will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Book now to ensure that you don’t miss out!

New first-aid events for Cheshire and Bucks

First aid IQA

Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) has added two new first-aid events to its calendar for this autumn.

The events cover internal quality assurance and assessment of HABC’s suite of first-aid qualifications.  Attendance at either event will entitle delegates to a CPD certificate for first-aid assessment and IQA.

Dates and locations are:

Places cost £50 plus VAT for Highfield Centres, or £65 plus VAT for non-Highfield Centres.

To book, follow the links above.

For further information on our other remaining 2015 events, please click here.

2015 HABC Regulated First Aid Qualification Assessor and IQA CPD Training

Regulated first aidDate: Thursday 23rd July 2015 (23/07/2015)
Time: 09:00am-16:30pm
Location: Village Urban Resort – Dudley
Price: HABC Approved Centres £50.00 + VAT, Standard Price £65.00 + VAT

This event covers internal quality assurance and assessment of HABC’s suite of first aid qualifications, where on completion of the event, delegates will walk away with a CPD certificate for first aid assessment and IQA.

These events cover information on HABC’s entire first aid provision including:

HABC Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (QCF)
HABC Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (QCF)
HABC Award in Emergency First Aid at Work at SCQF Level 5
HABC Award in First Aid at Work at SCQF Level 6
HABC Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid (QCF)
HABC Level 3 Award in Paediatric Emergency First Aid (QCF)
HABC Level 2 Award in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillation (QCF)
HABC Level 3 Award in First Aid Response.

The event also gives attendees the opportunity to ask questions of our team, as well as network with other delegates, whilst further information on supporting materials from will also be covered.

Please note: it is not mandatory to attend these events to deliver or internal quality assure any of these qualifications, providing tutors/assessors and IQAs already meet the nominated requirements within their qualification specifications.


These events follow the guidance issued by Skills For Health and act as formal first aid CPD training, as opposed to previous first-aid orientation sessions, which were designed to introduce current and prospective first aid centres to HABC paperwork.

In order to ensure we are compliant with the General Conditions of Recognition put forward by Ofqual, we record all CPD events.

Book here

NEW – paediatric first aid qualifications

Paediatric first aidTwo new qualifications are now available from HABC covering the area of paediatric first aid.

The qualifications, the HABC Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid (QCF) (601/3867/1) and the HABC Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid (QCF) (601/4251/0), have been designed to replace the previous HABC Level 2 Award in Paediatric First Aid (QCF), which is being discontinued.

Registrations for the Level 2 qualification ceased on 31 August 2014 and HABC Approved Centres have a maximum of 6 weeks from this date to complete their programmes (unless special considerations are applied) and apply for learner certifications. The two new qualifications came into effect from 1 September 2014.

The paediatric first aid qualification is worth 3 credits on the QCF and is typically delivered over 2 days. It contains units covering emergency paediatric first aid and managing paediatric illness, injuries and emergencies.

The emergency paediatric first aid qualification is worth 1 credit on the QCF and can be delivered in just 1 day. It consists of one unit, covering what learners need to know on emergency paediatric first aid.

Both qualifications are assessed through practical demonstrations, as well as written and oral questioning.

If you are not currently approved to deliver paediatric first aid and would like to offer these new qualifications, then please speak to your HABC account manager. If you are currently approved to deliver paediatric first aid, you will be required to complete the first aid declaration, which can be obtained through your HABC account manager.

If you are a HABC Approved Centre, please contact your account manager for more details. If you are not already a HABC Approved Centre but would be interested in offering these qualifications through HABC, please call us on 0845 226 0350 or email

HABC Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid (QCF)

Fee per registration per candidate
1+ Standard Price £4.75

HABC Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid (QCF)

Fee per registration per candidate
1+ Standard Price £6.00

First aid qualification assessor and internal quality assurance CPD – DONCASTER 17 December 2014

HABC is holding a CPD event covering internal quality assurance and assessment of its suite of regulated first aid qualifications.

Held at Academy House, Doncaster on 17 December 2014, the event will allow delegates to achieve a CPD certificate for first aid assessment and IQA, whilst receiving a complete overview of HABC’s first aid qualifications and the support materials available.

The event follows the guidance issued by Skills For Health in regards to formal first aid CPD training (as opposed to previous first aid orientation sessions), and whilst not mandatory, will be of use to anyone looking for the latest guidance on assessing and internally quality assuring first aid qualifications.

Cost per delegate is £50 plus VAT for HABC Approved Centres and £65 plus VAT for non-Centres.

For more information or to book your place, email us at or call 0845 226 0350.

Build your learners’ confidence in CPR and AED

CPR and AEDWhen it comes to CPR and AED, being on top of your game is not just important in ensuring that your workplace or teaching environment meets legal requirements – it can literally save lives. And yet it’s a subject area that intimidates many.

To help your learners build up their confidence and knowledge of CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and AED (automated external defibrillators), Highfield has released a brand new CPR & AED Training Presentation.

Covering key topics such as basic life support techniques, post-resuscitation procedures, AED maintenance and troubleshooting, and safety considerations, the presentation includes trainer notes, thumbnails, hand-outs and a sample lesson plan.

The presentation also complements Highfield’s recently released CPR & AED Handbook, and costs just £175 plus VAT.

Click here to order.

Protocol Training hits the airwaves with first aid message

Protocol SwindonProtocol Training’s John Markey is the latest addition to the Swindon 105.5 FM line up – with his own slot to raise awareness of first aid with a special first aid message!

John has been guesting on the community radio station – which goes by the phrase ‘Daring to be different’ – to speak about first aid and to persuade more of the people of Swindon to undertake first aid training.

And so far John has been going down a storm, appearing regularly at 9.20 am every Wednesday on the Roundabout Swindon show with DJ Sean Hodgson, alongside interviews with local people about local activities, clubs, charities and events, as well as the Musical Medley Montage and the 60 Second Challenge.

John said, ‘At the moment, just 7% of people have some form of first aid training. When you consider how first aid can save lives and help raise a person’s chances of survival in those precious few minutes before the emergency services arrive, it’s incredible that we don’t encourage more people to undertake training.

Being able to speak directly to people over the radio every week is a great way to get them interested in first aid. And it’s a great way to talk about the subject in an informal and friendly way, whether it’s about what first aid actually involves, helpful tips and guidance, asthma awareness or where people can find training.’

To hear more, tune into Swindon 105.5FM or listen live here.

You can also download a podcast of the show here.