Is your Care Certificate e-learning GDPR compliant?

We’ve updated our Care Certificate e-learning to make it fully compliant with the GDPR, meaning we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Developed by Highfield e-learning, it is one of the most comprehensive packages available anywhere for employees taking the Care Certificate, and is backed by Highfield’s expertise in developing the official Care Certificate Handbook.

The e-learning is designed to support the delivery of the knowledge elements of the Care Certificate, and can be fitted into existing workplace induction programmes. It covers all 15 standards included in the Care Certificate, with a 30-minute course (available individually) for each of the standards.

It’s also flexible so that each learner can complete the standards specific to their role, and is mapped to official health and social care qualifications so that prior learning can be recognised. And it’s fully customisable so that it meets the needs of individual organisations, and trackable so that learners’ progress can be monitored and verified.

Prices start at £25 per learner (based on 100 or more registrations).

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Welcome To The World Of Online Learning & Assessment With Highfield

e-assessment and e-learning events

Join us for a guided tour through the process of utilising e-learning to blend your delivery before exploring the huge benefits that making the switch to e-assessment has to offer.

These sought-after events offer you the chance to trial a selection of our e-learning courses as we demonstrate the wide array of subjects Highfield has to offer. We’ll also show you, step-by-step, how to navigate the Highfield LMS, which can be accessed when you purchase any e-learning course with us.

Keen to save time, money and take more control over managing exams? Enjoy a live demonstration of Highfield Works, Highfield’s bespoke e-assessment system, designed to make assessments more straightforward and allow the flexibility you need to arrange resits.

Our Highfield e-learning and e-assessment products are so simple to use that, even if you’re not the most tech-savvy person on the planet, with our help you’ll be an expert in no time!

Best of all, these events are FREE to attend! Choose between a morning or afternoon session at the following locations: 

Thursday 13 September – DoubleTree by Hilton, Bristol.

Tuesday 2 October – Radisson Blu, Durham. 

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GDPR – change is here

There are few things that have filled businesses of all sizes with greater dread over the last year than the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As of 25 May 2018, this regulation applies to how all personal data is stored and processed.  

If you’re only just getting to grips with the GDPR, it can seem like a minefield. Questions are raised such as, ‘Can we still contact our existing customers?’ ‘How long can I keep my customers’ details?’ ‘What details am I allowed to keep?’ ‘How do we promote our goods and/or services now?’

Complying with the GDPR may at first seem like sailing through choppy waters, without completely understanding your map.

It’s likely by now though that someone at your company has managed to get their head around the basic principles and have a broad understanding of what you can and what you can’t do under the new regulation. If they haven’t yet, then this certainly needs to happen. It’s also essential that everyone in your organisation involved in data processing has a good understanding of the basic principles of the GDPR.

Consequences of non-compliance 
It’s essential that information concerning compliance with the GDPR is disseminated among your staff, especially considering that companies can be fined up to €20,000,000 or 4% of their turnover if they are found to be breaching it. Therefore, it’s something that’s pretty important to get right and you should ensure that everyone who is handling data is aware of what their new responsibilities are.

Like most things though the GDPR probably isn’t as scary as it may first appear. By ensuring your team has understood the basics and how it impacts their daily activities, the fear factor suddenly disappears, and compliant behaviour becomes second nature. But you need to consider how you’re going to achieve this.

Internal training sessions by your data compliance team are great, but another option that’s surely worth considering – especially for larger employers – is e-learning. This allows your team members to learn everything they need to at a time convenient to them (and their workload). It also allows each individual to have their knowledge on the regulation tested (something less achievable in group sessions). 

We provide a number of short e-learning courses, all specifically written to enable your employees/learners to obtain the knowledge they need to achieve compliance in their job role. Our latest course covers the topic of the GDPR and the basics of what your team will need to know, including things like subject access requests, data breaches, scenarios and the right to be forgotten. It’s also loaded with interactive and multiple-choice exercises.

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Top award for Highfield e-learning

An innovative e-learning package that helped Marks & Spencer reduce the cost associated with incident reporting has been recognised at the digital industry’s prestigious Learning Technology Awards.

The e-learning, developed by Highfield e-Learning, took gold prize in the ‘Best use of learning technologies to ensure compliance application’ category after impressing judges with its impact on Marks & Spencer’s business.

Learning Technology Awards

The Highfield e-Learning team on stage.

Since its introduction in 2016, Marks & Spencer has seen a significant increase in reporting compliance, reduced costs by minimising interruptions to normal trading, encouraging duty managers to act promptly when incidents occurred, and ensuring consistency in behaviour at stores across the UK.

In total, nearly 3000 duty managers have taken the Marks & Spencer Duty Manager e-Learning Course, with the business seeing a 1,000 percent return on their initial investment.

John Frost, Head of Business Continuity at Marks & Spencer and Chairman of the Retailers Business Continuity Association, said, ‘M&S has a number of award winning programmes but this is definitely one of the very best, and possibly the most effective e-learning solution we have seen to date. The e-learning was fresh and challenging for our team, and helped us achieve our strategic objectives in reducing losses from incidents’.

Chris Sprenger, Highfield MD, said, ‘I’m very proud of this achievement, which is a huge testament to our incredible team and their dedication to our core values of quality, value, service and integrity. We believe that we have one of the best – if not the best – offers in terms of e-learning, and it’s satisfying to have that belief justified. It’s even more satisfying to see just how our e-learning has positively impacted on a great organisation like Marks & Spencer and helped them to improve the way they do business’.

Highfield e-Learning is part of the Highfield Group, which is one of UK’s biggest educational organisations and publishers and winner of the Queen’s Award in 2016. 

The Learning and Technology Awards ceremony took place at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel on 29 November 2017.

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Notes to editors:
1. The Learning Technologies Awards is held every year and showcases some of the most recognisable, memorable, and life-changing e-learning worldwide. They are internationally recognised and open to organisations of all sizes.

2. The Highfield Group is one of the largest educational organisations in the UK for compliance, apprenticeship and work-based learning qualifications, training materials, e-learning and end-point assessment of apprenticeships, based on registrations, certifications and turnover.

The Group offers hundreds of publications and titles with over two million sales per annum. Additionally, it has developed 250-plus qualifications through its awarding organisation (AO), Highfield Qualifications.

Highfield joins Care Learning Coalition

Care Learning CoalitionHighfield has become part of the Care Learning Coalition (CLC), a new initiative by Skills for Care to raise the standards of training in the health and social care sector.

Developed as a network for learning and development providers who are committed to raising the quality of training, the CLC brings together Skills for Care’s endorsed providers and provides them with a certificate and logo to demonstrate their support.

The Endorsement Framework is a mark of quality that is given to the best learning and development in the adult social care sector. 

Highfield became an endorsed provider with Skills for Care for its innovative e-learning package to support learners and employers undertaking the Care Certificate, receiving the prestigious Approved e-Programme accolade being awarded Recognised e-Provider status.

The Care Certificate workbook was developed by Highfield in 2015 on behalf of the Partnership, made up of Health Education England, Skills for Care and Skills for Health. Highfield elearning’s resource was developed independently of the Partnership, but mirrors the content of the workbook and was created by the same team of health and social care sector experts.

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E-learning for the Care Certificate receives official endorsement

innovative e-learning package An innovative e-learning package to support learners and employers undertaking the Care Certificate has received official endorsement from the sector’s lead, Skills for Care. 

Highfield elearning developed its course to support the introduction of the Care Certificate and the accompanying workbook. And now the e-learning course has been given the prestigious Approved e-Programme accolade from Skills for Care, while Highfield has been awarded Recognised e-Provider status.

Highfield is one of the UK’s largest educational bodies and was responsible for developing the official Care Certificate Workbook in 2015 on behalf of the Partnership, made up of Health Education England, Skills for Care and Skills for Health

Highfield’s innovative e-learning package was developed independently of the Partnership, but mirrors the content of the workbook and was created by the same team of health and social care sector experts.

This innovative e-learning package is flexible so that each learner can complete the standards that are specific to their role, and is mapped to official health and social care qualifications so that prior learning can be recognised. It is also fully customisable so that it meets the needs of individual organisations, and trackable so that learners’ progress can be monitored and verified.

Skills for Care’s Endorsement Framework programme establishes a set of strict criteria that organisations must meet to receive official recognition, and must be renewed on an annual basis to ensure that high standards are maintained.

Chris Sprenger, Highfield’s Managing Director, said, ‘We’re proud to be one of the first organisations to be recognised by Skills for Care’s Endorsement Framework for an e-learning course. It is a huge accolade, and points to the strength of our e-learning offer, the expertise – both technical and sectoral – behind it, and the recognised and acknowledged impact it can bring to employers looking for effective, efficient learning that delivers value for money’.

Claire Eley, Specialist Training Manager at CQM Learning Ltd, said, ‘CQM Learning Ltd (CQM) has introduced over 200 organisations to the Highfield Care Certificate e-learning.  Our clients have found the course to be highly effective and efficient, and particularly love the reporting functions available. The most frequently commented on features are the ease of use and the time it saves managers and supervisors from marking workbooks, meaning time can instead be used to observe staff competence while holistically reassessing knowledge across the units. Our clients keep coming back to us for more licences, which coupled with the Skills for Care endorsement, means it’s the only Care Certificate e-learning CQM Learning will consider using’.

Janet Glentworth, Vocational Centre Manager at Creative Support said, ‘Since Creative Support began using Highfield’s Care Certificate e-learning package, the uptake and completion of the certificate has increased by 300 percent and is still increasing. Likewise, we have reduced the number of days needed by classroom induction by 50 percent. The LMS is clear, easy-to-use and informative – from registering learners to awarding the certificate – saving time and resources for our admin team. With its ability to track learner progress and completions, and its easy-to-access information for inspections (such as CQC), learners find it easy to use and very accessible, making it excellent value for money.’

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Notes to editors:
1. The Highfield Group is comprised of:

  • Highfield Qualifications – awarding organisation (AO)
  • Highfield International – learning resources publisher
  • Highfield elearning – developer of e-learning, e-assessment and learner management systems
  • Highfield Assessment – apprenticeship assessment organisation (AAO)
  • Highfield MEA – international operations, based in Dubai

Official endorsement for Highfield’s Care Certificate e-learning

Highfield e-learning’s course to support the Care Certificate has been given official endorsement from Skills for Care.  

The e-learning has been given the prestigious ‘Approved e-programme’ mark, while Highfield has been awarded ‘Recognised Provider’ status as part of Skills for Care’s Endorsement Framework. 

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New blended-learning options for first aid

Following last year’s announcement that blended learning would be permitted when delivering first-aid courses, Highfield has launched a new range of e-learning options for learners and tutors.

Blended learning combines the best of digital and online learning with more traditional methods such as classroom and self-directed learning.

Highfield is now offering a range of options that will support blended learning and help save centres time and money. These include:

  • first aid e-learning – interactive learning with end-of-module testing; centres can access full first aid e-learning courses with prices starting from as little as 25p per learner when purchased with registrations
  • ebooks – a free PDF copy of either First Aid at Work or Emergency First Aid at Work for each learner you register for e-learning
  • training presentations – available online to support classroom delivery, and covering areas such as emergency first aid, first aid at work, paediatric first aid, basic life support and automated external defibrillation
  • e-certification –learners’ certificates in a digital format rather than hard copy

All of the above can be purchased directly through the Highfield Qualifications website when purchasing learner registrations. 

Highfield will still be offering its range of traditional learning options such as books, training aids and hard copy certificates for those who require them.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) announced in June that blended learning would be permitted in the delivery of first-aid courses, as long as certain conditions were met:

  • no reduction in the overall time taken for learners to complete first-aid courses
  • a minimum of two thirds training time should be face-to-face
  • practical content of learning outcomes should be delivered and assessed face-to-face

In addition, where learners are required to complete work that forms part of their assessment using distance learning, the following requirements apply:  

  • they should be assessed by a suitably qualified first-aid assessor on completion of the distance learning
  • the first-aid assessor must be satisfied that all assessment criteria for the content delivered by distance learning have been met and auditable evidence should be generated for this purpose
  • the identity of the learner must be confirmed
  • the assessment should be quality assured

If you are a Highfield centre, please contact your account manager for more information on the blended-learning requirements and Highfield’s range of options.

Alternatively, contact us on 0845 2260350/01302 363277 or email us at